Skin Detox for Sensitive Skin

A skin detox isn’t just for acne, it’s also one of the best first line treatments for sensitive skin (but it’s probably not the kind of detox you’re thinking about). 

Does this mean that your skin is toxic and filled with nasty chemicals that can only be exorcised by punishing yourself with a strict & grueling detox?  NO!

Your skin isn’t red, itchy, dry, flaky, dehydrated or sensitive and reactive because of a build up of toxins. It’s happening because your skin is reacting to common chemicals used in nearly every skincare product (even the natural ones) on the market that combine water soluble and oil soluble ingredients together. 

A skin detox for sensitive skin is as simple as taking a break from your favourite cleanser and moisturiser. Eliminate these two daily skincare products and replace them with 100% natural versions to reduce skin sensitivity and resulting redness. 

Yes, you read that correctly – the best skincare detox is to simply take a break from your current skincare products and switch to 100% natural and minimalist products which allow your skin barrier and microbiome to repair themselves back to a state of balance.

For the most part these skin irritating ingredients in your current cleanser & moisturiser aren’t even “toxic”, but they work against healthy and beautiful skin by altering & damaging your skin microbiome and protective barrier, causing your skin’s immune system to become cranky and irritable.  When your skin’s immune system is not happy, your skin becomes inflamed.  When your barrier is washed away with your cleanser twice a day, your skin leaks moisture and becomes dehydrated and sensitive.

These problem ingredients are emulsifiers and preservatives.  You can read more about the problems associated with them here: 4 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Natural Face Care Products

What is sensitive skin?

 100% natural skincare that creates Normal Skin

When I set out to create my own skincare range designed to tackle the underlying causes of sensitive skin, I realised that what people with sensitive skin are striving for is actually normal skin. No more redness, burning and skin that feels tight and dry. Normal skin is calm and balanced and easy to live with. 

The key to normal skin is a diverse and balanced skin microbiome - the garden of bacteria and microbes that call your skin home. The second, but equally important must have for skin to be normal, is a resilient and optimally functioning skin barrier.  We hear a lot of talk about leaky gut, well the same thing happens to the skin barrier, it becomes leaky and loses it's moisture resulting in dehydrated skin .

I was determined to create a range of skincare that would help sensitive skin become more normal. In order to achieve this, I drew on over 20 years of experience as a naturopath & nutritionist working with clients from around the world. 

I took my knowledge and experience working with the gut microbiome and applied it to skin. I also had my own personal experience of dealing with very dry and sensitive skin.

I set out to create a minimalist set of natural skincare products that work with your skin’s microbiome and its protective barrier.  Every ingredient had to be an active ingredient and obviously non toxic, but I wanted to go further than this. I wanted to create 100% natural skincare, free from common ingredients found in most skincare that actively disrupt your skin barrier and microbiome.  But you can't just remove these ingredients, they're in skincare products for a good reason. If you simply take them out, you'll end up with a bacterial and fungal soup and that is no good for your skin either! I spent nearly 2 years studying skincare chemistry, skin microbiome & barrier research and exploring and formulating with every ingredient that showed promise for creating healthier looking, normal functioning skin.

What I left out of my skincare is as important as what I've put in.

What’s the point of throwing a few trendy actives into a base moisturiser whose antimicrobials and preservatives carpet bomb your skin’s amazing microbiome?

Or a luxurious organic cleanser filled with skin loving ingredients that washes away your skin’s protective lipid barrier with it's emulsifiers? 


And if you’re like most people you’ve been disrupting your skin microbiome and washing away your skin's lipid barrier twice a day for 5 years, 10 years or even 30 years! And now you know better, you can do better by giving your skin a break from these ingredients and seeing how your skin improves.

But it’s not that easy to just stop using emulsifiers and preservatives and expect your skin to suddenly become normal.   

Your skin microbiome is so dysfunctional and dysregulated, like a vacant block of land filled with weeds. And your skin barrier is so stripped and leaky that your skin looks crêpy, flaky and ancient without a thick layer of moisturiser twice a day to try and plug the leaks and smooth out the fine lines that are the hallmark of dehydrated skin.

You’re stuck in a ground hog day cycle of dependence upon skincare products that both sooth and damage at the same time. Our Healthy Skin[care] products can help you break free of this cycle.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the elusive skincare active, ingredient or brand that will solve all your sensitive skin issues, you can now stop looking, you’ve found it already with Nubeean Noosa's range of naturopathic formulated skincare. 100% natural relief with Healthy Skin[care].

Sensitive skin and summer don’t mix

When my skin was at its most sensitive, I used to DREAD the summer months.  Even thinking about a day at the beach was enough to induce anxiety. 

Sunscreen would make my skin look and feel sunburnt before a single ray of sunshine touched it and I’d spend summer looking like I’d lost a cheek slapping competition.  My skin was always hot, red and irritated, in fact I’m sure that I was mistaken many times for an English tourist who’d decided to skip the sunscreen in order to return home with an Aussie tan. These days I prefer to rock ‘pale and interesting’ over ‘bronzed goddess’ but I no longer break out in an itchy rash at the mere thought of summer. And I can now even tolerate a zinc based sunscreen for a trip to the beach!

Make-up free selfie showing healthy skin, antioxidant skincare, skin microbiome, skin barrier, sensitive skin, natural skincare
 Makeup and filter free selfie - I feel like I have better skin now on the wrong side of mid 40's than I did in my 30's and even 20's.  I have a few more wrinkles but my skin is no longer plagued with redness and reactivity. 



 To help get YOUR sensitive skin ready for summer I’ve created two different Skin Detox Packs.

Both Skin Detox Packs are based around our two signature products for sensitive skin, Honey Probiotic Cleanser and Blue Tansy Serum:

Honey Probiotic Cleanser

A totally unique cleanser based on raw honey, probiotic and squalane (a lipid from olives).  In fact these aren’t just key ingredients – they’re the ONLY ingredients. The key to getting the amazing skin benefits from Honey Probiotic Cleanser is how you use it. If you try to use it like a normal cleanser it won’t work nearly as well.  I’ve also created a short video tutorial on how to use the cleanser properly.

The benefits of Honey Probiotic Cleanser to your sensitive skin include:

Gentle but effective exfoliation – exfoliation is a common trigger for a sensitive skin crisis. Chemical exfoliants like glycolic and alpha hydroxy acid can be too strong and irritating, while mechanical exfoliants like granular scrubs are serious irritants to anyone with sensitive skin and should be avoided. Honey Probiotic Cleanser takes advantage of the natural stickiness of honey and the gentle pressing and lifting action ensures that the raw honey sticks to the dead surface skin cells and simply lifts them off, exfoliating without any irritation or redness.

Probiotic ferment from radishes has demonstrated an ability to reduce acne breakouts and increase the skins ability to hold moisture.

Squalane is a lipid (oil) from olives that is identical to lipids found naturally in abundance in young skin that declines with age. Squalane slips down between the gaps in your skin cells, bolstering it's protective lipid barrier and increasing moisturisation and hydration.

Honey Probiotic Cleanser is fragrance free and utilises the natural antimicrobial properties of both raw honey and Lactobacillus ferment probiotic so no further preservatives are required. It is also free from emulsifiers which strip away your skin’s protective barrier.

Honey Probiotic Cleanser leaves your skin feeling relaxed, calmer, softer and smoother. But don't just take my word for it!

"When I was a teenager I worked in a cosmetics shop. Swept away by the big brands' promises for smooth and glowing skin, I tried every single product I could afford. The paradox was that the more I used the expensive and highly marketed cleansers, the worse my skin felt and looked. It was almost like they were doing the opposite job. So I quit. I stopped using cleansers......Well, this honey cleanser is the answer! It feels so gentle, slightly sticky. And it is so much fun pressing the fingers into the sticky honey and then lifting, feeling how activating the flow of the lymphatic fluid under the skin is doing the job that no cleanser can do. Why I never thought of that?  It washes off easily......This cleanser is just P E R F E C T." Dessislava
“I’ve spent the last 20+ years of 35 with acne. I have spent years focused on restoring my skin barrier but nothing works because it breaks me out and I am a notorious skin picker. I’ve been using the probiotic cleanser for around 2 months and everything has stopped. No breakouts (only when I cause them myself) and skin picking is way down because there is nothing left to pick. I’ve even stopped wearing makeup most days when I wouldn’t be caught dead without it before.” Nerida
"This is a lovely moisturising cleanser - it leaves my sensitive skin feeling clean but also moisturised and soft. I really like the texture and smell of the raw honey - it's divine!" Babsie


Honey Probiotic Cleanser instructional video

Blue Tansy Serum

An oil serum that replaces your day and night moisturiser to hydrate, moisturise and protect. 100% natural and free from fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers.

Rich in squalane from olives, the ultimate skin hydrator and natural moisturising lipid. Squalane is identical to lipids produced by your skin cells that rapidly decline after the age of 30 - which interestingly enough coincides with the age that many women find they start experiencing dry, sensitive skin, rosacea and adult acne. 

Blueberry seed oil is packed with natural antioxidants to help quench inflammatory fire.  If you have rosacea or red, irritated skin, you can double up on the inflammation fighting and redness reducing powers of blueberry by including them in your daily diet as well. 

Blue Tansy Oil smells like heaven and is a wonderful ingredient for pre and post sun exposure. In a country where you can get sunburn hanging out your washing in summer, the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of this brilliant blue oil are a blessing.  Blue Tansy is also an analgesic – which is a fancy term for a substance that relieves pain. This is important for sensitive skin where irritated nerve endings fire off sensations like tingling, burning, itching and pain that often plague sufferers of skin sensitivity.

"I'm so happy to have found this beautiful serum. I have very sensitive skin and I find this serum so nourishing, soothing and hydrating. I use it in the mornings and evenings. It soaks into the skin really well. Love it!" Babsie
“I use the Blue Tansy Serum at night when I think I need more hydration which I think was an issue for me before too. My pores are smaller and it seems to have changed the way my skin is in general” Nerida
"My sun-damaged, middle-aged, worn-out-mummy skin is really liking this product. It feels smoother and more hydrated and it seems like my “smile lines” aren’t as noticeable. Also like that, in my subtropical climate, it doesn’t make my skin feel heavy or clogged." Nellie

Banish red & sensitive skin this summer with our Skin Detox Packs

 Skin Detox Pack Standard

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     Skin Detox Pack Deluxe 


      LEARN MORE   Skin Detox Pack Deluxe


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