Who are Nubeean Noosa?

Nubeean Noosa is a collaboration between wholistic nutritionist and naturopath, Sarah Luck and Nubian dairy farmer and bee keeper, Philip Eggleton.

In 2015, we decided we wanted a seachange. We moved from Bondi in Sydney to the Noosa Hinterland on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. In 2018, we took off overseas, spending a year exploring the beaches of Cornwall, eating snow off mountains in Scotland, exploring the Welsh countryside, drinking real ale in traditional English pubs and farm sitting in the UK. Starting the day squelching through muddy fields to count sheep and cattle with a steaming mug of tea, it flipped a switch in our psyche.

And we realised we both wanted to do something that brought us closer to the land in the beautiful part of the world we call home. We returned to Australia in March 2019, purchased our first two goats and started our very first beehive. Then we turned our focus on creating a range of authentic skincare products using as many local and Australian ingredients as possible.

Meet Sarah

Sarah has over 20 years experience working with clients from around the world as a wholistic nutritionist and naturopath. She has worked with clients via video consultations since 2015, long before Zoom became a thing. When state borders allow, Sarah likes to return to Sydney to consult with clients from Sage Beauty in North Bondi, along with natural skincare and environmental goddess Junia Kerr.  

Humbled and driven, Sarah milks goats every morning before work.

“With Nubeean Noosa and our Healthy Skin[care] range, I feel as though I’ve come full circle – I spent my childhood with my head buried in herbal medicine books making lotions and potions to fade freckles, and here I am again."

Meet Phil

Originally from England, Phil worked in IT before he caught the farming bug and defected to become a goat farmer and beekeeper. Phil grew up working on local UK farms to earn pocket money on Summer holidays each year. Phil is passionate about sustainable business practices, probiotic beverages (beer) and English football (soccer). Not to be outdone, he also milks goats every morning before starting work.

“I’d love people to stop and think about what honey really is. It’s concentrated flower nectar. One bee spends her entire life working to make just ½ teaspoon of honey. And it takes the nectar from around 2 million flowers to make just ½ kilogram. I think that makes honey pretty damned special!

Our honey is minimally processed and still contains small amounts of beeswax and pollen. The pollen comes from flowers on and around our property near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Mostly tea tree, but we also have loads of citrus and flowering natives. We plant bee-friendly annuals each year; borage, chicory and there are always dandelions. Something is always in flower. Next year we’re going to plant Echinacea which flower for the bees in the middle of winter. 

Our bees make healthy honey, I guess you could say that the microbiome of the land around them is in balance.”