Blue Tansy Hydrating Serum

Blue Tansy Serum

Blue Tansy Serum is a unique skin hydrating serum that replaces three beauty essentials. Blue Tansy is a skin serum, moisturiser and eye treatment in one product.

Created by nutritionist and naturopath, Sarah Luck, Blue Tansy Serum has been formulated to be beautiful, simple and safe.

This pale blue serum imparts a soft dewy glow to dry & mature skin. Helps to reduce redness and feelings of heat in skin prone to flushing.  It is the ideal skin support, cocooning and protecting your skin during times of transition and change.

Blue Tansy Serum features

Blue Tansy Serum contains just 5 ingredients. That's it. Nothing else is added. Authenticate natural skincare at it's minimalist best.

  • Blue Tansy oil – an exquisite blue-coloured essential oil from the flowers and leaves of Tanacetum annum. This beautiful oil has an aroma best described as slightly sweet, herby and green. Blue tansy helps to ease feelings of heat in skin, calming red and flushed skin. Used in aromatherapy to calm stress and irritation.

  • Blueberry seed oil – the oil pressed from Blueberry seeds is rich in fatty acids that calm inflammation and support a healthy moisture balance.

  • Squalane (from olive or sugar cane) – squalane is a ‘mega hydrator’. We only ever use squalane from olives or sugarcane NEVER from shark livers. This light & weightless oil is identical to lipids produced by your own skin. It is extremely stable and resistant to free radical attack. Squalane is absorbed quickly into skin, helping it to look and feel plumper & juicier, softening fine lines.

  • Noosa Hinterland beeswax – sourced from healthy Noosa Hinterland hives (including our own) that are tended by ethical beekeepers. Beeswax forms a breathable cocoon over dry skin, improving it’s ability to hold moisture and protecting against the drying & irritating effects of weather, heating, air-conditioning and air pollution.

  • Rosemary extract – naturally rich in antioxidants that help to protect the precious Blueberry seed oil from free radical damage.

How to use Blue Tansy Serum

Blue Tansy Serum is versatile and multitasking. It can be used in so many different ways.

  • Day and night moisturiser for dry and mature skin
  • Night cream
  • To support skin during change of seasons, illness, stress
  • Calming red and irritated skin at any time during the day
  • Slather on a nice thick layer during a long-haul flight to prevent dehydrated skin

“I use Blue Tansy Serum as a soothing and moisturising oil cleanser to help settle my skin after reactions to sun screen or from heat rash.  I also use this on my kids when they get those dry, red cheeks in winter time.  I love to use it under a lip balm during change of seasons.” Sarah Luck, naturopath & nutritionist.

Directions for use

Apply ½ to 1 pump of the serum to your finger tips.

Spread the serum over the ends of your fingers and gently pat all over your face, throat and decolletage before massaging in. 

Best used while skin is still slightly damp from washing, toner or Hyaluronic Acid Gel.

Blue Tansy Serum, the natural solution to dry, very dry and mature skin.

Who is Blue Tansy Serum suitable for?

Blue Tansy moisturising serum suitable for all skin types, it's highly recommended for:

  • dry skin,
  • mature skin,
  • rosacea
  • sensitive skin.

Suitable for users of tretinoin (prescription retinol) and Accutane.

What does Blue Tansy Serum smell like?

Blue Tansy Hydrating Serum has a fresh and uplifting aroma created by the interplay of Blue Tansy, Blueberry Seed oil and natural beeswax. It contains no fragrances.

What does Blue Tansy Serum feel like?

This moisturising and hydrating serum feels rich, soothing and nourishing to dry and irritated skin.

Who shouldn’t use Blue Tansy Serum?

Blue Tansy Serum contains no preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers making it suitable for even very sensitive skin.

Blue Tansy Serum may not be suitable for anyone with allergies to plants in the daisy family, blueberries or beeswax.

Moisturiser or Serum First?

Blue Tansy Serum can be used as a serum and moisturiser in one product.  In the event that you would like to use a moisturiser in conjunction with Blue Tansy Serum, we recommend applying Blue Tansy Serum first and waiting 5-10 minutes for it to be absorbed and then applying moisturiser.

Vitamin C Serum can be used before Blue Tansy Serum.

Blue Tansy Serum reviews

Where to buy Blue Tansy Serum

You can buy Blue Tansy Serum from our stockists, our webstore, or, visit us at the markets if you're in the Sunshine Coast.