How to use EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout Powder Australia

EnduraCell Broccoli sprout powder is one of the most potent and bioactive broccoli sprout powders in Australia.

What is the dosage of EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout powder Australia?

1 rounded scoop (1 gram) mixed into water once or twice daily is all that is required to start benefiting from broccoli sprouts.

This dosage is standardised to provide a minimum of 15mg of the active gene-whispering chemical sulforaphane. This provides a daily dose equivalent to the dosage of sulforaphane used in many clinical trials.

Sulforaphane is produced when broccoli sprout powder is mixed with water. The amount produced depends upon the genetics of the seeds and the production process. Some products yield very little, if any sulforaphane.

How do I take EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout powder Australia?

Simply mix 1 scoop of broccoli sprout powder in water, juice or smoothie.

Drink immediately after mixing with water. Sulforaphane starts to break down after about 15-20 minutes after being formed (don't worry, it still works its magic even in this short space of time).

Ensure that the scoop is clean and dry before using and returning to the jar.

How many serves do I need to take each day of EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout powder Australia?

1-2 serves are recommended per day to support general health, skin and gut microbiome health.

Start with 1 scoop per day and increase as needed.

Sarah says, “Broccoli sprouts and sulforaphane can really get things moving at the gut level, so start low and increase slow, especially if you’re sensitive.”

The following list outlines the various doses of sulforaphane used in clinical studies. EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout Powder provides a minimum of 15mg of sulforaphane per 1 gram scoop

  • Autism 9-14mg sulforaphane daily
  • Nasal allergies 18mg sulforaphane daily
  • Asthma 18mg sulforaphane daily
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease 19mg sulforaphane daily
  • Helicobactor pylori infection 30mg sulforaphane daily
  • Gastric (stomach) mucosa repair 30mg sulforaphane daily
  • Detoxification (air pollution) 36mg sulforaphane daily
  • Type 2 diabets 40mg sulforaphane daily
  • Prostate health 60mg sulforaphane daily

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How long will one bottle of EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout Powder last

EnduraCell Broccoli sprout powder dosage is recommended as 1-2 grams per day (providing 15-30mg of sulforaphane).

The 1 gram scoop is provided with the container to take the guess work out of dosage.

Depending upon which dosage is best for you, based on your body weight and health goals, one container of EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout Powder will last 40-80 days.

EnduraCell is a high potency nutraceutical-grade broccoli sprout powder Australia