How do I use Fragrance & Chemical Free Vitamin C + Bakuchiol Serum?

  • Apply half to one pump of serum to clean fingers. 
  • Spread over finger tips and then pat the serum over your face, neck and décolletage (top of your chest). Then massage into skin.
  • Best applied while skin is slightly damp from cleansing or toner.
  • Safe to use around the eye area.
  • Allow 5 minutes to fully absorb into skin and then apply makeup or sunscreen.

How often should I use Fragrance & Chemical Free Vitamin C Serum + Bakuchiol?

  • We recommend using vitamin C serum on your skin every single day for a beautiful, glowing complexion. Free radical damage accumulates over time and prevention is best. 
  • Apply in the morning after cleansing.  In summer, or, after spending time outdoors, apply again in the evening.