Honey Probiotic Cleanser is a unique dual-action cleanser

Apply to dry skin to gently exfoliate and stimulate

Mix with water to enhance the natural antimicrobial properties of raw honey

Dry skin cleansing:

  • Squeeze out a small amount of cleanser onto dry hands – about the size of 5-10 cent piece is enough to cleanse your face. Spread the honey over your hands and then gently press it onto your face. Continue to gently press and lift, focusing on problem areas. Do not massage the skin.
  • Dead skin cells on the surface of your skin are gently exfoliated by sticking to the honey while the gentle press and release technique stimulates your skin’s lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system sits between your skin and muscles and is responsible for removing cellular waste products.

Wet skin cleansing:

  • After dry skin cleansing, wet your hands and massage the honey probiotic cleanser over your face or body. Rinse with warm water when you’re done, or use a warm, damp face cloth to wipe skin clean.
  • Water naturally activates the antimicrobial properties of raw honey. Leave on problem skin for 5-10 minutes before rinsing clean.

Our raw honey cleanser is suitable for the face and body.  Use daily for best results and follow with:

Honey Probiotic Cleanser leaves skin feeling naturally moisturised, so naturally oily skin with a healthy barrier and balanced microbiome may need no other product after cleansing.

For acne prone skin: mix a small amount of Honey Probiotic Cleanser with Pomegranate & Broccoli Sprout Face Treatment + filtered water and apply 2-3 times per week for enhanced antimicrobial benefits.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. For very sensitive skin, patch test first.