Looking for the best vitamin C serum for your sensitive skin?

A vitamin C serum that doesn’t sting and burn?

Free from irritating and allergenic fragrances and preservatives that cause red, inflamed and irritated skin?

A game changer for sensitive skin

Healthy Skin[care] Sensitive C Serum is a super clean and low tox Vitamin C serum formulated by a naturopath and nutritionist for even the most sensitive skin and noses.

Sensitive skin can now enjoy all the antioxidant benefits of a vitamin C serum without any of the irritation or nasty chemicals found in mass produced skincare.

NO fragrances – including no essential oils
NO preservatives
NO propylene glycol
NO Sulfates or Sulfites
NO Emulsifiers
NO Alcohol
NO Parabens
NO Colourants
NO Plant Extracts
NO Benzoyl Peroxide
NO Phenoxyethanol

What we leave out is as important as what we leave in.

What’s in the best vitamin C serum for sensitive skin?

Just 2 ingredients. Healthy Skin[care] Sensitive C Serum contains nothing but pure squalane from Sugarcane blended with an innovative vitamin C ester

Squalane is simply the most biocompatible oil available for skincare. It’s intensively moisturizing, feels light upon the skin and it’s incredibly stable. It doesn’t go rancid.

Squalane from olives and sugarcane

As a nutritionist, when I hear the term “essential fatty acid” my brain translates this to free radical farm. Essential fatty acids by their very nature are highly unstable, these oils turn rancid if you look at them the wrong way.  They need protection from light, oxygen and heat. Using them in mass produced skincare requires some pretty heavy duty [synthetic] antioxidants and/or some hardcore fragrance – rancid oils stink.

Applying rancid to your skin will just make your skin inflamed, prone to congestion and breakouts.

Squalane is a hypoallergenic oil. The reason that petroleum based mineral oils are the darling of dermatologists is because they are chemically inert – they’re non reactive and stable oils that prevent moisture or water loss from dry and damaged skin. Squalane is the plant based equivalent – it is one of the least reactive skincare ingredients making it ideal for very sensitive and reactive skin.

Squalane is essentially identical to an oil or lipid produced in abundance by healthy, younger skin called squalene. There are a few differences, but without launching into a boring lecture on lipid/oil chemistry, the differences can be summed up as: squalene is prone to oxidation (free radical) which can create skin inflammation while squalane isn’t.

The best form of vitamin C

Every skincare brand and formulator is convinced that their vitamin C is the best form. As a nutritionist I’m extremely happy with the tetrahexyldecly ascorbate. I think it’s great for skin and it’s stable without having to use chemicals in the bottle. I wrote a whole blog about why I think our Vitamin C serums are the best if you want to learn more about this particular form of vitamin C. Read more.

The combination of THD vitamin C and squalane makes the perfect foundation skincare and is suitable for even extremely sensitive skin and anyone with multiple chemical sensitivities.

The benefits of vitamin C serum for sensitive skin

The benefits of Vitamin C serum for sensitive skin can be best summed up as ‘Harm minimization’. Vitamin C applied to your skin every day can help to protect against free radicals and oxidative damage triggered by:

  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Lack of sleep
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation

Vitamin C can also help to protect against the visible signs of skin aging caused by UV radiation (use in conjunction with suitable sun protection).

We are excited and proud to have produced one of the cleanest and safest vitamin C serums for sensitive skin on the market today. Regular use will brighten and enliven your complexion.

Emulsifier free

We don’t mix oil and water together in our Healthy Skin[care]. Doing so requires a class of ingredients known as ‘emulsifiers’. As a nutritionist I believe that there is enough evidence that this category of skincare ingredients is not best for skin. They are essentially solvents and cause the loss of your skin’s protective barrier. 

There is a reason that we have an epidemic of sensitive skin that starts or worsens in the 30’s. Most people use multiple skincare products that all contain emulsifiers upon their skin, twice a day, every day since their teenage years.

Preservative free

The other advantage of not mixing oil and water is that no preservatives are required as our serums are oil based. They are all based upon the oil called squalane. We use squalane from olives and sugarcane. Shark liver derived squalane is sadly still used in the skincare industry. Squalane is the lightest oil that you will find – it has a light and dry texture that is absorbed into skin rather than sitting on the surface and feeling greasy.


Fragrance free

Squalane is a highly stable oil that does not go rancid like other oils. Rancid oils stink, they really do smell bad (and they’re not great for skin either). We simply don’t need to use any kind of fragrance to try and cover up the smell of rancid, oxidized oil in our Sensitive C Serum.

Small batch produced

We produce all of our Healthy Skin[care] including Sensitive C Serum in small batches in the Noosa Hinterland. We use fresh, high-quality ingredients. All of our products are naturopath and nutritionist approved as best for skin.

How to use Sensitive C Serum

Sensitive C Serum can be used as a vitamin C serum, moisturizer and under eye treatment.

It’s concentrated (not diluted with water) so a little goes a long way.  Apply the serum to your fingertips and then pat lightly to the areas you wish to apply before massaging in.

Best applied to slightly damp skin, or, after toner or Hyaluronic Acid gel or serum.

Oily skin – apply just few drops to cover your face and neck.

Dry skin – apply a full pump to face and neck.

Combination skin – Focus on applying to drier areas and then gently pat any serum remaining on your fingers over the oilier T Zone.

For best results use morning and evening. Don’t forget to apply to your decolletage – the area of skin at the top of your chest that receives the most sun damage.

Where can I buy Sensitive C Serum?

You can buy Sensitive C Serum from our retailers, visit us at the market if you’re in the Sunshine Coast area of Qld, or, purchase from our webstore.