Zazen Water: The Zen of Drinking Water

Stop buying water in plastic bottles - it's not healthy for you or the environment. Zazen water is the solution.

If you're worried about what's in your drinking water consider investing in a Zazen water filter system that produces pure water that tastes sweet and delicious for as little as 5c per litre. No electricity or plumbing required.

What is Zazen water?

An Australian alkaline water filter system that mimics natural water cycles to remove the nasties and enrich your drinking water with essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and silica.

Such more than just a water filter, at the heart of the Zazen Water philosophy is the question: "what are the properties of water that support health and wellbeing".

Mother nature supplies the answer to this important question.

As water travels through the earth it is naturally filtered and cleansed as it moves through sand, soil and mineral deposits. It gathers minerals on its travels and is exposed to far infra-red energy from the sun and magnetic energy from the earth. The result is structured, energised, pure and healthy water that is essential for life.

Zazen water filter systems have recreated these natural water cycles in their beautiful, practical and functional alkaline water filter system. 

Designed for Australian water (including tank water) Zazen water filter systems first purify and filter the water as it passes through layers of ceramic, activated silver carbon, activated zeolite, bio-Ceramic pi, far-infrared energy balls and silica sand. After the water has been cleansed and polished it's then ready for contact with the mineral enriched stones that slowly release essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica to create an alkaline mineral water.

Finally, as the water passes through the tap it is surrounded with magnetic energy that mimics the magnetic energy of the earth that natural spring water is exposed to. This magnetic energy restructures water and breaks down the size of water clusters for improved cellular hydration.

What toxins do Zazen water filters remove?

Zazen water filters remove the following toxins from Australian water.

Zazen water test results  
Chlorine reduction 99.99%
Total organic carbon reduction mg/l >99.5%
Flouride reduction ppm Up to 90%
THM’s & Chloroforms Reduction ug/l >95% 
Cyst Reduction (Cryptosporidium & Guardia) >99.99%
Algae, Rust, Sediment & Suspended Solids Reduction >99.98%
Harmful Bacteria Reduction (E.coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella)  >99.99%
Copper, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury & Arsenic Reduction mg/l 99.99%
Aluminium Reduction mg/l 99.98%


What pH is Zazen Water?

Zazen water filters produce water with a pH of up to 8.5.

Does a Zazen Water Filter require electricity?

No, Zazen Water Filters are gravity fed and require no electricity.

Does a Zazen Water Filter require a plumber to install?

No, a Zazen Water Filter does not require a plumber to install. It is easy to set up yourself at home.

What minerals are in Zazen Water?

Zazen water is naturally enriched with minerals after passing through a multistage filtration process. These minerals come from naturally mineral rich rocks that slowly release their minerals into the water - just the way nature intended us to receive minerals. 

Minerals dissolved in water are easier for your body to absorb and assimilate. 

The alkalising minerals in Zazen water include magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and silica.


  • Increasing silica in the diet has beneficial effects on the hair, skin and nails. Many people notice that their nails and hair become stronger and grow faster when they increase their silica intake.  
  • Silica also helps to improve collagen production. Collagen is the protein in your skin that makes it strong and resilient when you’re younger, and as it decreases with age, the skin collapses and forms wrinkles.


  • Increasing natural sources of magnesium can also have a beneficial effect on your skin – magnesium plays a role in over 300 different enzyme reactions in your body. It’s found mainly in leafy greens, and it is widely accepted that most people don’t get enough of this essential mineral.
  • A magnesium deficiency alters the level of fatty acid in your skin, which reduces elasticity and moisture so skin looks dry and untoned.
  • It also plays a crucial role in supporting restful, deep sleep. When you’re sleeping, your skin and body regenerate, repair and recharge their antioxidant defences for the next day.

How much does it cost each year for replacement filters and mineral stones?

Zazen Water Filters are not only beautiful and provide your entire family with pure, alkaline water, they're also extremely cost-effective. Only 5c a litre on tap in your kitchen - no plumbing or electricity.  Replacement filters and stones are around $199 per year with an additional $59.95 every 5 years to replace the mineral stones. 


"As a nutritionist and naturopath I have used many different types of water filters over the last 20 years. I believe that Zazen Water Filters are by far the best on the Australian market. I have chosen Zazen Water for my own family and children - my kids won't drink other water. 

Your skin is your body's largest organ and healthy hydration is essential for beautiful, healthy functioning skin. Zazen Water isn't just pure and free from toxins, it's also optimised to hydrate better at the cellular level. And it's easy to drink, you really can taste the difference. It's water just like Mother Nature intended for us to drink"

- Sarah Luck. Nutritionist, Naturopath and cofounder of Nubeean Noosa