Setting up your Zazen Alkaline Water Filter System 

The Zazen Alkaline Water System is quick and easy to set up at home. You don't need a plumber and it doesn't require electricity.

After setting up your Zazen Alkaline Water System, you can start utilising Australia's best water filter system in cooking, drinking, teamaking, and your daily beauty routine.

Chlorine is added to water to kill microbes that can make us sick – which is a good thing – but not so good for the beneficial microbes on your skin and in your gut.

Use chlorine-free, filtered alkaline water as a toner and for cleansing ultra-sensitive and extremely dry or inflamed skin.  Keep it in a spray bottle and spritz on the skin as a toner before applying .

Use when mixing your Pomegranate & Broccoli Sprout Skin Treatment.


We use Zazen Alkaline Water System in our home and office. We use it for everything. Filling water bottles, making tea & coffee, cooking and drinking. 
If you're feeling nervous about not being able to set the water filter system up at home by yourself, we're happy to talk you through the whole set via video call