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Blue Tansy LITE Vegan Skin Serum


Our best selling Blue Tansy Serum is now available as a Blue Tansy LITE, vegan skin serum.

Minimalist | Pure & Natural | Microbiome friendly | Skin biocompatible ingredients | Low Tox Friendly | 100% Healthy Skin[care]

The exquisite aroma of Blueberry Seed and Blue Tansy combine to create a magical blue oil serum that nourishes & uplifts your mood and emotional body with it's fresh, sweet & herbaceous scent. You'll smile and breathe deeply every time you apply this beautiful vegan skin serum.

Blue Tansy Serum LITE moisturises, hydrates and helps to calm red & irritated skin.  

USE morning and evening in place of your day and night moisturiser. Combines well with Vitamin C Serums and Vitamin C with 1% Bakuchiol natural retinol alternative serums.

Blue Tansy Serum LITE is recommended for 

  • Stressed skin
  • Supporting skin during change of season or periods of stress
  • Dry skin
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Mature skin
  • Sensitive skin (for very sensitive skin we recommend patch testing first)
  • Red, reactive & inflamed skin

Suitable for Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis

How to use Blue Tansy Serum LITE

While your skin is still damp from cleansing or Probiotic Toner, apply the required amount to your finger tips. Spread over ends of fingers and gently press over face, throat and décolletage followed by a gentle massage to fully spread the serum and ensure even absorption.  

1/2 pump will cover face and throat for most people. A full pump will cover face, throat, décolletage and top of shoulder area for most. 

Blue Tansy Serum LITE contains no preservatives (it is formulated without water or water soluble ingredients so preservatives are not required) or synthetic fragrances making it safe to be used around the eye area for most people. 


We've removed our locally sourced and minimally processed beeswax but otherwise the formulation is unchanged. 

Blue Tansy LITE vegan skin serum contains just THREE ingredients. That's it, nothing else added. 

  • Squalane - from olives, NOT shark livers! The most stable and skin biocompatible ingredient ever. Hydrates and moisturises. Aids in the repair of a damaged skin barrier.
  • Blueberry seed oil - rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.
  • Blue Tansy Oil - calms irritation, reduces heat and inflammation. Soothes dry and sensitive skin.

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