Nubeean Noosa

Face Mask Brush & Spoon


A face mask brush is essential for applying a range of different face masks quickly and easily without wasting any product:

Use the brush to mix your mask and then brush over your face, throat and décolletage.

Comes with a super cute, wooden scoop to allow you to accurately measure your dry and wet ingredients when mixing your favourite face mask.

You can also use our face mask brush for applying treatments directly to your scalp (we love using BlackSeed & Kunzea Cleansing Oil for dry, flaky or irritated scalps. Using a brush means the treatment oil is delivered directly to your scalp and not wasted in your hair).

Face Mask Brush is suitable for vegans as it contains no animal hair. This also makes it suitable for very sensitive skin.

To keep your mask in tip top condition please clean your Face Mask Brush with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and rinse well in warm water after every use. Make sure your brush and wooden scoop are completely dry before storing away. If cared for properly, your brush will last you many years.

Create your own spa experience at home with our Face Mask Brush and Spoon.

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