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Honey Probiotic Cleanser + Wildcrafted Mint


Honey Probiotic Cleanser + Wildcrafted Mint*

Cleanse, exfoliate and balance with our signature and unique Australian raw honey cleanser.

Limited-edition + Wildcrafted Mint for acne, rosacea and skin that becomes hot and red easily.

Formulated with 95% raw Australian honey and skin-friendly probiotics from fermented radishes and coconuts.

Honey Probiotic Cleanser is a unique skin balancing cleanser formulated for stressed, irritated, very sensitive and out of balance skin. It's also the ideal gentle cleanser to use daily for anyone aware of the importance of their skin microbiome. 

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin prone to dryness, irritation and breakouts. Ideal for acne, eczema and rosacea, as well as dry and dehydrated skin. 

Honey Probiotic Cleanser should be applied to dry skin using a gentle pressing and lifting action. 

  • Exfoliates: Dead surface skin cells are captured by the stickiness of the raw honey and gently lifted away, leaving your skin feeling smoother and looking fresher & brighter. Regular use removes congestion, black heads and dry, dull skin without any redness or irritation.  

  • Hydrates & moisturises: Skin feels soft, fresh and relaxed from the very first use. No surfactants or emulsifiers to strip and damage your skin’s protective barrier. Squeaky clean is great for your dishes, not your skin.
  • Lymphatic drainage: the stickiness of the raw honey gently lifts the skin as you press and release, helping to pump and move the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing cellular waste. 

  • Skin microbiome friendly: Skin friendly probiotics from fermented radishes and coconuts help to balance the bacteria on your skin (your skin microbiome).

    Video Instructions on how to apply and use Honey Probiotic Cleanser:

    Ingredients: Only 6 ingredients. Nothing else added. 

    • Raw honey from our healthy hives in the Noosa Hinterland
    • Probiotic extract from radish root
    • Probiotic extract from coconut
    • Squalane from olives
    • Organic, palm-free glycerin
    • Wildcrafted mint from our family property in the Noosa Hinterland
    Healthy Skin[care]
    Beautiful | Simple | Safe

    * PLEASE NOTE: Due to quarantine restrictions for raw honey we are unable to ship this product to Western Australia.

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