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Pure Olive Squalane


Pure Olive Squalane

Squalane is one of the most effective moisturising oils for face, body, scalp and hair care. It is nothing like any other oil that you may have used on your skin before. Squalane is a light, dry oil that quickly absorbs into skin to leave it feeling and looking soft and supple from the very first use.

Restores your skin's lipid barrier

  • Prevents trans epidermal water loss, restoring elasticity and suppleness to your skin
  • Imparts a strong moisturising effect helping to relieve skin dryness 
  • Helps your skin feel and look more hydrated, reducing the visibility of fine lines caused by dryness and dehydration

Pure olive squalane has many uses and is one of the healthiest oils to use on your skin.

  • Oil cleanser
  • Moisturiser for face, body, hair and scalp
  • Bath oil
  • Add your own essential oils and use in oil rollers

It has no odour or smell and can be safely used around the eyes.

Unlike other oils, Pure Olive Squalane is quickly absorbed into your skin. Does not sit on the surface of your skin leaving you feeling dry and greasy at the same time.

Suitable for all ages, from newborns to the very elderly.

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A highly stable oil that does not oxidise, making it suitable for very sensitive, reactive or inflamed skin. Squalane will not go rancid, even in the hot Australian Summers.

Ingredients: Pure Olive Squalane

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