How To Choose A Vitamin C Serum: Which Strength Is Right For Me?

How to choose which strength vitamin C is best for your skin

Vitamin C 10% Serum (Sensitive C Serum)

  • Start here for sensitive skin and slowly build up to 20% or 30% if needed.
  • Start here for retinol and chemical exfoliant users (salicylic acid, AHA, BHA, lactic acid).
  • Young skin under 30.

Vitamin C 20% Serum

  • Start here for normal skin, mature skin or sun damaged skin
  • Use daily in summer

Vitamin C 30% Serum

  • Start here for very sun damaged skin, including pigmentation (use daily).
  • Best strength if you're wanting to incorporate a vitamin C serum into your skincare routine just a few days a week to maintain your skin. 

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