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Holistic Face Care Essentials Pack


Best Holistic Face Care Routine for 30s and Beyond

Natural Skincare Made Beautifully.

Our best-selling Healthy Skin[care] products are now available in one Holistic Face Care Essentials Pack. Containing everything your need for your daily routine to support the specific needs of dry or mature skin (over 30). 

  • Intensive moisturisation for dewy looking, radiant skin. Fine lines are visibly reduced or eliminated. Locks in moisture and restores suppleness & flexibility to skin.
  • Hydration for plumper, juicier looking skin.
  • Antioxidants to help protect against aging and inflammatory free radicals produced by pollution, stress and UV radiation.
  • Gene whispering retinol alternative that helps to upregulate your skin's own defences against premature aging.
  • Cleansing that doesn't disrupt your skin's precious microbiome or protective barrier.

Nutritionist formulated to support the inside-out requirements of your skin. Every single product contains only 5 ingredients or less. Our active hero ingredients are our only ingredients.

So much more than just another natural skincare brand. Designed to support your skin’s protective barrier, skin microbiome and antioxidant defences. Your skin’s microbiome is the garden of bacteria and other microbes that live upon and within your skin. They work with your skin cells and skin’s immune system to create balanced, harmonious and resilient skin.

BlackSeed & Kunzea Oil Cleanser

Gently removes makeup and sunscreen without drying skin or disrupting your skin’s microbiome or protective barrier.

Hydrating Probiotic Toner

Balances skin pH, moisturises and infuses antioxidant vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and ferulic acid into skin. Enriched with balancing probiotic extracts from radish root and coconut. Use before applying Vitamin C Serum or Blue Tansy Serum.

Vitamin C Serum 20% + 1% Bakuchiol Serum

Vitamin C mops up aging and inflammation promoting free radicals from pollution, stress and UV radiation. Bakuchiol is a plant based compound that works via the same skin cell receptors as retinol to promote smoother skin and a more even complexion. A delicious lemon scented serum that soaks into skin to hydrate, moisturise and protect. Makes the perfect primer for makeup.

Blue Tansy Serum

A luxurious moisturising serum that melts into skin leaving it hydrated and moisturised with a soft dewy glow. Ideal as a night moisturiser. Use day and night for extra dry or irritated skin.

Pomegranate and Broccoli Sprout Mask

This antioxidant packed mask has been described as the ultimate face smoothie. Skin is visibly brighter and refreshed after just one use. For sun damaged or mature skin apply 3 x weekly. Comes with spoon, mask brush and bowl.

Jojoba Sensitive Skin Barrier Balm

A beautiful nurturing and protective lip balm containing nothing but organic Jojoba Oil, Beeswax (from the Noosa Hinterland), Vitamin D and Rosemary extract. Delicious beeswax aroma.

Organic bamboo & cotton eco cleansing pads

Perfect for removing makeup, sunscreen and Pomegranate & Broccoli Sprout Mask. Throw them in the washing machine and use them again and again and again. Pack includes 4 x eco cleansing pads.

Who is the Holistic Face Care Essentials Pack for?

  • Mature skin (over 30)
  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Normal skin
  • Rosacea
  • Sun damaged skin

Available with optional upgrade to limited edition hand made mask bowl. The mask bowls have been crafted here in the Noosa Hinterland by amazing local pottery artist Tori from Shanti Heart by TM.

Healthy Skin[care]
Beautiful. Simple. Safe.


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